With a WhatsApp Messenger or a WhatsApp Business account, you won’t be eligible to transfer your account to Inbox

The number you entered is not eligible to be transferred to Inbox. Note if you have a WhatsApp Messenger account or a WhatsApp Business account that’s active in group chats, you won’t be eligible to transfer your account to Inbox. Learn more.

This is the error I was getting from Meta Business Suite when I was trying to link WhatsApp in its dashboard.

In this above photo, you see I added my account. You can message me on Whatsapp by clicking here for help too. Free HELP. 🙂

I was looking for a solution and got a solution. Even I mentioned in Reddit that I didn’t find any solution and I lost all of my customer data. See:

new whatsapp on meta business suite issue. It says can't use my number because active on groups.

But later I found a solution.

So what I did do?

1) I created an account in WhatsApp Messenger and then deleted it from the app by clicking “delete my account”. You will find it in the settings.

2) Then again I created a Business Whatsapp account from the WA Business Mobile app and deleted it in the same way.

3) Then I came to Facebook, I had 3 FB profiles where I added that Whatsapp number. I went to each profile and removed that WhatsApp number from the “linked accounts” section on Facebook.

4) Then I waited for 5 minutes. And again I visited Meta Business Suite.

And done, It really worked. I am happy. Message me for free help https://wa.me/8801617972170

Hope this will help someone. 🙂

Thank you.