Video indexing issue from Google Search Console “Video outside the viewport” – How to fix

How to fix Video outside the viewport

Google has recently introduced three new technical parameters related to video material indexing and SEO ranking. One of these, “Video Outside the Viewport,” is causing confusion for many. This parameter affects the indexing of web pages and can lead to a decrease in visitor traffic. These new statistics are accessible in the video indexing report within Google Search Console, providing more specific insights into why videos may not be appearing in Google search results.

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The three new stats are as follows:

  1. Video outside the viewport: This issue indicates that the video is not fully visible on the page. Google recommends repositioning it so that the entire video is within the visible area of the page upon loading.
  2. Video too small: If the video’s dimensions are too small, Google advises increasing either its height to be larger than 140px or its width to be larger than 140px and at least one-third of the page’s width.
  3. Video too tall: Conversely, if the video’s height is too large, Google suggests decreasing it so that it becomes smaller than 1080px.

Website owners now have more actionable advice on how to address these issues and improve the visibility of their videos in Google Search. However, it may take up to three months for historical data to be fully updated.

Suggested Solutions:

  1. Experiment with different video embed dimensions: Try adjusting the video dimensions, ensuring they’re not too small, as tiny videos may negatively impact user experience. The lowest limit allowable by Google is 140px.
  2. Check video scaling: Ensure that the aspect ratio of the video is appropriate, with the width and height matching well. Even small discrepancies, potentially a matter of single pixels, could cause issues.
  3. Consider relative values in HTML code: Some users have reported success in resolving this issue by changing video sizes in HTML code from absolute (fixed) values to relative values expressed as a percentage of the screen size.

It’s worth noting that according to Google, the presence of this old error should not significantly affect page performance. These updates are designed to assist website owners in improving video indexing and search visibility on Google.